Stand (With Ukraine)

Stand With Ukraine

Dee Snider has released a video based on his song Stand highlighting the tragedy that is occurring in front of our eyes in Ukraine.

It is being released exclusively on the World United Live platform Stand With Ukraine in order to drive awareness to the movement.

World United Live’s goals are to speak truthfully to the Russian people as to what is really happening on the ground in Ukraine and around the world. The majority of the Russian population are good and decent people and would never allow this to happen if they knew the truth, and as such, World United Live is asking celebrities to join the cause by becoming messengers on the platform.

Please help us by spreading the word on social media on your accounts, liking and following World United Live on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and give a shout out to your favorite musician or celebrity to join the cause and record a message for us to tell the Russian people that we love and respect them and ask for their help in ending this conflict.