James Holkworth Conspiracy

A Song For Ukraine

As a human being, it’s horrible to see what’s going on in the Ukraine. Children are being killed just a two hour flight from Sweden. It’s a nightmare. At the same time, the pride and courage of the Ukrainian people and their leader, give me some hope for the future.

We don’t need dictators and despots anymore. They must be wiped out. The best we all can do is spreading the truth. Every single person on this planet must get the correct information about what’s going on. Every artist can do the best they can to spread the word. We have our channels. Let’s use them.

We are working with WorldUnited.live. A none profit organisation, who’s goal is to start the biggest mass protest ever and then coordinate the world’s largest aid concert to help rebuild the Ukraine.

Join and help us spread the news to every single corner of the planet: worldunited.live

We wanted to do something, so we wrote a song called “Seen it Before”. The song is not a “hate the Russians”-song, it’s not the Russian peoples fault. It is a song dedicated to all the Ukrainians, fighting for their freedom, against a tyrant. We all need to get the word out. As good as we can. We are just a little old band from Sweden, but we know bigger bands and they know bigger bands and so on. Together we are strong, is a well used expression, but it’s a fact. The people of the world can stop wars. Let’s give them the truth and the right tools. Let’s stand behind the people of the Ukraine and let’s do it NOW!